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Under the Moon 18+ completed
Fav.Characters: Sena, ??? (Zero), Leni & Kyle.
Your Type: Zero, because there's no "bad"-sex scenes (So I guess he does not have a potential B side).
Less Fav.Characters: Unan, Seizh.
Not Your Type: Seizh. I can take the "get the innocent sheep fucked" storyline, but I just cannot stand a messed-up multi-personalities ASS!
Fav.Ending (Good): Totally Kyle's. When they got back to the Makai, he stays in his human-form and Ashe (the girl) has a horn. There's hearts everywhere! Cute.
Fav.Ending (Bad): Mh... Most of Unan's endings are Bad ones for me .w.; But I liked the sexy threesome ending with the twins better than the Leni-Unan one.

Ijiwaru My Master 18+ playing
Fav.Characters: Evans & Ryuka.
Your Type: Ryuka! I mean, c'mon! He's sweet, fluffy and caring all day and transforms into sexy, wild and daring at night... What else can you ask for, huh?.
Less Fav.Characters: Delta.
Not Your Type: It's not that I hate Delta, but it's the only character's curse I don't like that much so far...

Under the Moon ~Tsuki Iro Ehon~ 18+ completed
Fav.Characters: Sena, Zero, Leni & Kyle.
Your Type: In this game (fandisk, actually) -and because Leni's ending sucked so hard-, Sena. He had NO ero-pics in this game. OH, I'm so happy... He's so cute, dammit uwu.
Less Fav.Characters: Unan, Seizh.
Not Your Type: Seizh, just because. I can go with the childhood friend, but... OK, I just don't like Seizh.
Fav.Ending (Good): Zero's. Because There's no bad ending! Wii~.
Fav.Ending (Bad): Sena's. It's so DAMN twisted... I liked it o.o;


Ar Tonelico II waiting
Reason: I'm waaaay far on the story (in the part where you have to choose one of the two girls), but my CD game stopped running in the battle following the choosing. I've got a new CD (thanks, Kai~), but I don't even know if it works because I borrowed my memory card to a friend. It's been a month. He borrowed me his too, but I don't feel like starting all over again... At this rate, when he finally gives my memory card back I'll have even forgotten the play-mode, damnit.

Persona 3 playing
Fav.Characters: Minato (The protagonist's manga-name), Junpei, Akihiko, Koromaru, Shinji (even though he... *sniff), Ken, Ryoji, Aigis.
Overall: Besides Minato -who is every girl's type since he's cool, calm and DOES NOT TALK :D-; Akihiko, because he's the character with the strongest background-story. I like his friendship with Shinji and how it makes him stronger after Shinji... y'know. And he does Strike sttacks :D (stupidest reason ever).
Less Fav.Characters: Fuuka, Yukari, Mitsuru.
Overall: Without doubts: YUKARI. She's like "omg everyone on this planet has planned a conspiracy against me, GOD I'M THE CENTER OF THE WORLD AND I SUFFER WAY TOO MUCH MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE OF MY DADY ISSUE!" even though I don't really care about her (I haven't leveled her up anymore ever since you can put any other character but her to have a full party). And she's also like:
Before Videotape-doctored by Ikutsuki-: "omg daddy's the only person who I can trust... and is DEAD"
After Videotape-doctored by Ikutsuki-: "omg dad betrayed ME too! THIS WORLD'S MESSED UP! OH GOD I think I'll cut myself!"
After Videotape-Original-: "omg, I knew I could trust you, Daddy~~"
... WTF?!! I HATE this girl-- SHE'S NUTTS!. Worst videogame character EVER.

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